It’s Just Another Manic Monday.

I don’t know why my kids seem to forget the morning routine during the brief gap created by weekends, but everything they know seems to fly out of the window.  My daughter can’t remember where her pants are, my youngest swears he can’t put on his own clothes even though he’s been doing so for two years, and my other son doesn’t want to take the medication that he must take in order to keep me from selling him on ebay as a doorstop.

This is especially frustrating because all I want to do come Monday morning is write.  I get little time to myself during the weekends, with the seven kids and all, and Monday means that my writing week is beginning and I can finally get all those little details and ideas out of my brain and onto paper.  If I haven’t forgotten them already and there is about a 50/50 chance I have. (Note to self, figure out how to use the memo feature on the iPhone and then use it.)

Now, I need to go make an appointment with the eye doctor because I seem to have gone blind over night.

Wait.  False alarm.  My glasses are just covered with tiny fingerprints.  Sigh. I love Monday mornings.

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