Why I Hate Editing Slightly Less Than I Used To

I seems to me that the majority of writers will write something and then when they finish that work, stop all writing and do nothing but edit it.  Now yesterday, I posted about how much I hate to edit.  So a fellow writer taught me a method that works a little better for me, personally.  And by a little better, I mean it makes me feel like jamming an icepick into my eye a little less.  Now, I’m going to share this brilliant method with you.

Instead of spending my time constantly editing my latest completed work, I continue to write on my other projects and only edit my finished story about a chapter or so at a time.  I believe that I may be slightly ADHD (I don’t know really….I seem to have the attention span of a gnat lately though) and the change in “scenery” seems keeps me from going totally bonkers, at least.  Of course, it takes me a significant amount of time to edit things, but to me it’s worth it.

So, I want to hear about how you edit your finished works.  Do you stop everything and work only on editing until you are completely done?  Or do you mix it up a bit by editing a little, writing a little like me?  Or am I still a weirdo freak?

G Elmer Munson don’t answer that last question!

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  1. I shall resist!


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