Getting “Unstuck”: Writer’s Block

I don’t get writer’s block.  When I get to the point in a story where the ideas cease to flow, I call it “getting stuck”.  Because, apparently, I can’t be like anybody else.  Oh, hell….I just can’t admit it is writer’s block because I’m afraid it will curse me.  Regardless, I have a technique for dealing with getting stuck.  It is called a “sprint” and I try to write 1,000 words in one hour.  The phrase and idea was coined by the wonderfully talented writer, Belinda Frisch.

And that usually works.  Just the process of sitting down and forcing myself to push through and write will almost always get the ideas flowing again.  Now, while I am writing these 1,000 words, my entire internal dialogue goes something like this:

“This is total and utter crap.  I don’t know why I am even continuing to waste an hour on this because it is such crap.  This crap doesn’t even make sense.”

As you can see, I like the word crap.  A lot.  I’m attempting to wean myself off of using the alternative, but my potty mouth is fodder for another post.  Anyway, my good friend and mentor, Armand Rosamilia, once told me, “The day you write something you think is perfect and brilliant is the day you got lazy.”  So, I figure the fact that I think it’s complete drivel at the time is encouraging.  And he is right. When I go back and re-read it after the hour is up, I find that although what I have written isn’t perfect by any means, I can more often than not clean it up and it becomes something I can use and gets me over the hurdle of being stuck.

So, how do you get over writer’s block?  Do you let it set until your muse inspires you again?  Or do you force yourself to fight through it?

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  1. I usually just wait for it to pass, but this generally leads to long stretches time not actually writing anything. Fighting through it is probably the best approach.


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