To Set Goals, or To Not Set Goals?

That is the question of the day.

Personally, I have been hesitant to set daily goals for myself simply because with seven kids and a newborn grandson under one roof, I never really know what the day will hold.  I could be totally open all day, besides the usually chores of cooking, laundry, etc.  Or I may be busy with dentist appointments, grocery store trips (which always turn out to be all day excursions) and the unexpected trips to pick up sick kids.  As I was writing this, I was interrupted to hold the baby while his mother attended to some personal chores.  Couldn’t have predicted that, but that’s the way life with kids goes.

However, someone recently pointed out that it possible for me to set weekly goals.  That would allow me some flexibility to make up what I couldn’t do one day over the course of a week.  So I am, very tentatively, going to set a goal of 7,000 a week.  That is, of course, 1,000 words a day, including weekends.  At first, I has hesitant to add anything on the weekends, but then I figured I could at least get in two 500 word sessions, or four 250 word session on Saturday and Sunday.  Surely, I can type that much around the kids for two days.

Okay, maybe more hopeful than sure about that last one.

I am posting this in order to hold myself publicly accountable.  And to subject myself to public humiliation if I fail.  Which is possible.  Or likely.  Whatever.

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  1. I just posted on my blog yesterday about setting goals and planning on writing 1,000 words a day as well! You now have a witness to your plans. If you fail I will help with the public humiliation! 😉


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