Featured Author: Armard Rosamilia

Since I began writing in earnest at the beginning of the year, I have slowly found myself immersed in the world of independent writers, that is writers who self-publish their own works or are published through small, independent publishing houses.  These are writers with Facebook pages that interact with their fans and each other on a regular basis.

I have been lucky enough to get to know some of these indie authors and their work over the past several months.  They are a diverse and entertaining bunch whose writing I admire very much.  So, on my blog, I will occasionally feature these talented individuals in my posts.

I will start with a man who cannot only churn out thousands of (well written) words a day, but still makes time to take new writers, myself included, under his wing and provide advice and support.  That, readers, is a true gem of a man.  Of course, I am talking about my personal mentor and ass kicker, Armand Rosamilia, who not only tells me I can do it, but that I will do it whether I like it or not.  It is because of him that I wrote my first and only (to date, hopefully there will be other soon) published story “Die With Your Boots On” which is included in the zombie erotica anthology, Fifty Shades of Decay, available at Amazon and Smashwords. Armand’s story, “Dying Days: Chris Gray”, is included as well as many other great stories.  He simply left me no choice but to write and submit it and then figuratively held my hand while I had a panic attack about it afterwards.  (Go ahead and buy it right now. I’ll wait for you to get back.)

Back already? Okay, then.

Armand’s published works are to numerous to list, so just go here so you don’t miss anything.  He is particular well known for his zombie series, Dying Days, but make sure you don’t miss Death Metal and Tool Shed which are two of my favorites.  Everything is a good read, though.  So, don’t just sit here.  This post is over.  Go find something to read!


Armand Rosamilia

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