The Care and Feeding of a Writer.

What a writer, at least this one, needs to survive:

1.   Computer with an internet connection.  This is imperative, especially if your printer is on the same wireless network as your computer.  Trust me.  I went without for about 6 hours last night.  I could feel myself turning into a Golem looking for My Precious.  Wasn’t pretty.

2.  Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine.  I cannot stress this enough.  Whether it be from coffee, tea or chocolate, I would say that 98% of the literary world is fueled in some way by caffeine in one form or another.

3.  Experiences.  Be they good or bad, without them a writer is just a hack playing at portraying emotions on the page.  One cannot write about love until one has truly been in love.  One cannot write accurately about betrayal until one has genuinely been betrayed.  And one cannot write about fear without having experienced true terror for oneself or one’s loved one.

4. Imagination.  I write about vampires without ever having been one, obviously.  So for those things that are truly outside of human experience, imagination is imperative.

5.  Motivation.  Call it your muse, or call it your daily goal.  Without it, you are going nowhere and you are going there fast.

6.  Pizza.  Now this will vary from writer to writer, but I think that everyone has their go to food when they are just too mentally exhausted to prepare a meal, but require sustenance to go on.  Mine is pizza because a) I love it. b) It’s relatively cheap and c) They deliver.  What more could you ask for?  Besides the fact you can eat it with one hand.  So I guess any one-handed food would work. Even M&M’s.

6. Sheer fortitude.  It taks guts to face a blank page everyday and create something from nothing.  I overcome writer’s block every single day.  I dread opening that document of whatever story I am writing on that particular day knowing I have to produce or fail to meet my personal goals.  And let down my mentor.  Who is really, really mean and says horrible things about me and makes me cry if I don’t meet my daily goal.  Okay, that last part’s not true.  But the thought of disappointing him me does makes me want to cringe.

7.  Caffeine.  So nice I had to list it twice.  Or whatever.

8.  Booze.  No explanation needed.

What am I missing?

Feed me pizza!

Feed me pizza and liquor!

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