The FBI Would Have a Field Day With My Hard Drive

Because of all the weird stuff I have Googled in the name of research.  Let’s see, there has been a brief foray into casket shopping, the effects of cyanide, how to make a liquid napalm type substance and off shore banking.  Also, obtaining false identities and the paperwork to go with those identifies.  Oh, and how much potassium it would take to disrupt  the sodium-postassium pump and throw a person into cardiac arrest.  And maps of large public arenas.

If anybody ever got a hold of my search history, they would think that I was a deranged serial killer, that was nice enough to buy my victims nice caskets, before burning them to ashes, stealing their money and identities and fleeing the country.  Despite the fact that I am a stay at home mother with seven children.  My online life is so much more interesting than my real one, that’s for sure.  That could make for an interesting story, actually.

So, what is the weirdest thing that you have Googled, or Binged, or whatever in the name of research?  Any thing that would set of a high alert at the Department of Homeland Defense?  Or are you strictly local police radar Googler?

Also, do not forget that today is Wednesday, and therefore, the Blog Hop continues.  Go check out Matt Schiariti, Suzi M., and G. Elmer Munson to discover their titillating and absorbing answers that will put my boring ones to shame, I’m sure.

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