Muse or Inspiration?

Whatever you call it….it is elusive and fleeting.  Maddeningly so, even.  It can’t be forced, at least I can’t force it, though I know a few writers (and you know who you are) that seem to never, ever run dry of ideas.  Makes me want to punch them in the throat, if we are being completely honest.

And once it does strike, you better hope you are close to a pen, a crayon, a tube of lipstick, anything.  Because I’ve had more than a couple of incidents where by the time I located a writing implement to get it down, the idea was long gone.  Now I don’t know if that’s normal, or if I am particularly absent-minded because I have seven kids.  That’s just how it works for me.

Inspiration, for me, usually comes from something around me.  A scene that  witnessed while grocery shopping gave me the idea for a young adult short story.  A documentary about a series of particularly brutal crimes and how the man charged with the crime had been playing the justice system for years, was the impetus for my vengeful vampire story.  Occasionally, I do just get something from thin air.  It has happened more than once, but isn’t how I commonly come up with ideas.

So where do you get your ideas from?  The people and places around you?  Dreams?  The voices in your head?

I wish I just had a Muse.  Seems like it would be so much simpler.


Wanted:  One Muse

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  1. Musings Of A Man | breakfromoffice

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