Slightly Delusional? Maybe more.

I’ll never know if King, Koontz or Patterson ever actually sat down one day and wondered what the hell they were doing before they made it big, but I know that I do it on a fairly regular basis.  Why do I continue this activity that more often irritates me to no end and so often ends in rejection and heartbreak?  I look at my own writing sometimes and think that I am more than slightly delusional to think that I can do this regardless of what I’ve been told by professors and other writers.

And I’m not talking about even being published.  I just want to finish my damned novel before I die and cross that off of the old bucket list.  The prospect doesn’t look that promising at the moment actually.  Summer vacation is looming near and that will mean kids all over the house twenty-four seven for the next three months.  I have failed to meet my weekly goal every week since I set it.  Now I’m just thinking I’ll set a goal for the number of weeks to not reach a goal just so I can achieve one of my goals. Wait. What? Did that even make sense?  Do you see what I’m working with here?!

Do you have those moments when you just think you are banging your head against a wall and going nowhere?  Where do you come up with the motivation to keep chugging along during those times?

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  1. If you’re delusional, so am I (and, probably the rest of us). I don’t think I’ve met a weekly goal since…well, ever. Doesn’t stop me though, because goals are like nukes and horseshoes. All you have to do is come close. 🙂

  2. LOL, G. I’ll keep “nukes and horses” in mind as I continue to fail to meet my goal each week!


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