Starting Over

Over the last five months, I have found myself focusing more on short stories and have put my book on the back shelve so to speak, only writing on it intermittently when I had a little time between my other WIPs.  Unfortunately, now that I want to go back and focus on it, I find that I have, in a way, disconnected from that story.  I feel removed from the characters that were once as familiar to me as old friends and have a hard time remembering the timeline that the story has followed so far.  Is it currently Sunday or Monday?  I can’t remember.

So I have decided to edit the book even though I am only about a third of the way through the actual plot as a way to reconnect with my story and characters.  This is contrary to the advice I have received from most writers, which is “Write, write, write.  Edit when you’re done”.  This advice has word exceedingly well for me and got me up to approximately 30,000 words.  But in straying from the tried and true, and by going back and starting from the beginning, I have rediscovered why I started writing in the first place.  This was the story that was banging around in my brain begging to be written.  It has been freeing and it refreshed my need to write instead of my obligation to write in order to meet someone else’s deadline or my own word count goals.

Therefore, I am now throwing word counts out the window until I work through this and rediscover the joy that I used to derive from putting my story on paper.  Or screen.  You know, whatever.  And I think I will share more snippets from my novel on my blog, probably once a week, in order to work on that tougher skin.

I am wondering though, all of you who have eleventy billion WIPs going at once….how do you keep them all straight in your mind?  I don’t know how you do it.  Kudos!

Rediscovering my inspiration.

Rediscovering my inspiration.

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